You have submitted an asylum application and you are now considered an asylum-seeker in Romania. The asylum procedure will consist of several steps.

What happens after I submit an asylum application?

Your asylum application will now be processed and analyzed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration (GII), at the Regional Centre where you were assigned (officially called Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum-Seekers). You may hear other people referring to the General Inspectorate for Immigration as “IGI” or “Immigration Office”. Depending on your situation, different procedures may apply. You will find details about these procedures in the other sections.

Who can help me during the asylum procedure?

You have the right to be assisted and advised free of charge by a non-governmental organization (NGO, or ONG in Romanian). You can contact UNHCR at any time. You can also be assisted by a lawyer paid by yourself. 

Please ask for advice and information as soon as possible after your apply for asylum, in order to understand the deadlines and procedures that apply to your case. See the contact section below for more information about organizations which can help you.

Does the procedure cost anything?

The asylum procedure is free of charge. You will not be expected to pay any administrative taxes or fees at any point to have your asylum application processed. 

Can I quit the procedure if I change my mind?

You can renounce your asylum procedure at any time, if you wish to do so. The organizations providing legal counseling can explain what the consequences of this action are.

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