If you find yourself at a Romanian border crossing point or anywhere at the Romanian side of the border, and you think you are in need of international protection and fear to return home, you have the right to apply for asylum in Romania.

Can I apply for asylum even if I crossed the border irregularly?

Yes. The right to seek asylum applies to everyone, even if they entered the country legally or irregularly (meaning without proper documentation).

In what situations can I receive protection?

If you think you have been persecuted in your country of origin, or you are afraid of being persecuted and therefore cannot return due to reasons of your race, religion, ethnicity, social group, or for political beliefs, you may be recognized as a refugee.

If you think you are unable/unwilling to return to your country of origin due to a serious risk of harm/danger because of war, torture, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment, you may be granted subsidiary protection.

How do I apply for asylum at the border?

If you think you are in one of the situations described above and you want to seek protection in Romania, tell the Border Police in writing or verbally that you are afraid to return home and you ask for “asylum” or “protection”. Once you apply for asylum in Romania, you have the right not to be returned to your country until the asylum procedure is finalized.