You will be scheduled for an interview with an officer from the General Inspectorate for Immigration (GII, or IGI in Romanian), usually a few days after the preliminary interview.

The date of the interview will be communicated to you in advance. The interview is the most important step in the asylum procedure. You must attend it; otherwise the GII/IGI officer will not be able to decide on your case.

Will I have a translator/interpreter during the interview?

The interview will be held in your language or in a language you declared you know well. You will be assisted by a translator/interpreter, free of charge. The interpreter is there only to translate the conversation between you and the officer. If you cannot communicate with the interpreter, do not understand him/her, or have any doubts about his/her translation, tell this to the GII/IGI officer. You will have a new interview with a different interpreter.

What will I be asked?

During the interview, the officer will ask you detailed questions about why you fled your home country and what would happen if you would return there. You should tell in detail (with exactity) what happened to you and the dangers you fear. It might be difficult to talk about some experiences, but it is very important to be honest and to tell the truth about your situation, and clarify any differences in your story.

Will my answers be recorded in writting?

The officer will write down all the questions and all the answers and details you give. All the information remains confidential. At the end of the interview, the interpreter will translate to you all that has been written by the officer. You have the opportunity to correct any mistakes. If you agree with what was written, you will sign each page of the interview note and receive a copy. If you do not agree, ask the officer to change the note. You will sign the note in the end, only after it has been changed by the officer and the interpreter confirms the changes.

Can I present any documents?

You can present any documents or evidence supporting your claim. It is not necessary for the documents to be in Romanian language, but it is necessary for them to be related to your reasons for asylum.

How long will the interview be?

The interview can last up to several hours, depending on each case. If you wish to take a break, tell this to the officer.

Who can assist me during the interview?

You have the right to be assisted at the interview, free of charge, by an NGO or UNHCR. If you wish to be assisted by an NGO or UNHCR, you should request this. You can also be assisted by a lawyer paid by yourself.

Ask for advice and information on how the interview takes place and your rights and obligations during the interview well in advance. Click HERE to find contact details for organisations which can assist you.