The next step after you register is the preliminary interview, also called questionnaire or short interview.

You will be informed of the date you are scheduled for the preliminary interview during the registration procedure. Usually it takes place a few days after the registration.

Who will be present?

The preliminary interview will be completed in the presence of an officer from the General Inspectorate for Immigration (GII/IGI) and a translator. The translation will be in a language you understand or it is reasonably supposed you understand.

What will I be asked?

The questionnaire is needed for GII/IGI to get more details about: your personal data; your family members and where they are; your travel route from your country of origin to Romania; information on possible asylum applications submitted in other countries. This is also an opportunity for you to give any other documents you consider relevant and might help the asylum authority to decide on your asylum application.

Tell the officer if you have family in Europe. This information will help GII decide whether or not the so-called Dublin Procedure should apply in your case.

The Dublin Procedure  Read more about the where your application must be processed.

It is very important to be as specific as possible in the information you provide to the authorities. It is equally important to be honest and say the truth about your situation.

Who can assist me during the preliminary interview?

You have the right to be assisted free of charge by an NGO or UNHCR. You can also be assisted by a lawyer paid by yourself. See the contact section for more information about organizations which can help you.